Svår situation i Shkodra

Norra Albanien och Shkodra har drabbats svårt av en översvämning, vi har därför börjat samla in pengar för att stödja de som har drabbats. Du är varmt välkommen att bidra med din gåva till Bg 5560 - 9853, märk gåvan med Albanien. Varje krona som kommer in skickas till översvämningsområdet!

Bilder från översvämningsområdet

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Brev från Alketa & Klodi Lumci i Shkodra, Albanien

I am writing to you a urgent e-mail with some emergency needs and news about North Albania Situation. As you may know from the last year and beginning of the year we had a serious Flood from the Rivers in December 2009 and January 2010. From 2 weeks from now it has start to much rain here and Also to much wind and storms. During the last 3 days all the rivers has been crazy and out of control. And also snow in the mountings. Shkodra, my city, is in a difficult map position because the biggest River in Albania is passing ( Flowing ) through the outside of the city. and now we have +12 C so the snow is coming down. So all the Digs that we have to collect the waters and protect us are more than full. So the government decide to open the gates of the Digs. Because of this the water has cover 5 villages till now and it is inside the city also, Almost near to my house... In the entrance of the City and near to my house the water is more than 30 - 50 cm, to 3 villages the water is more than 2 - 3 meter in the suburbs of Shkodra ( Around the city ) the water is 1 - 2 meter There are more than 1900 houses surrounded and some under from the waters. Around the City and some inside there are more than 700 houses in real and serious danger. I don't know the real number of people in danger from this situation. But our Government has declare the Emergence Situation and also the Natural Catastrophic emergency. They declare that more than 745 children and 1670 adults are out from their houses and they are sleeping in sport stages, hospitals, schools and everywhere they can be. Also there are Women and Old people. All this need a BIG BIG Praying to God that no body will Die from this anger of nature. Also as church we are looking to help the people and to share the Love of God in Acts and more. For the moment we need Water and food - this is the biggest need. ( They don't have water, and food. the water is dirty because of mixing the waters and not in of food ) Thank you for the time you take to pray and all you do. With Gods Love and with respect. In His Service. Keta & Klodi Illyricum Church Shkodër - Albania.